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RuPaul from Meant To Be
2017 chestnut, FEIF number 
US2017105201 ***

F: Myrkvi from Midgard
M: Embla from Cytraas
FF: Spuni fra Vesturkoti
FM: Gloria fra Sjavaborg
MF: Thor fra Holum
MM: Raudka fra Arbakka

RuPaul is a 5 gaited colt with a lot of natural tolt. He has very good conformation & an excellent temperament to go along with his fantastic gaits. RuPaul has a very interesting pedigree that combines the bloodlines of the two highest evaluated Icelandic Horses in history.

His sire is a son of Spuni fra Vesturkoti, who held the title of the highest evaluated Icelandic Horse in history for several years, with an amazing total score of 8.92 earned when he was only 5 years old. His conformation score is 8.43 & his ridden abilities score is 9.25. Spuni is also a great competition horse, which we highly value in our breeding program. If those accomplishments aren't enough, Spuni also earned Honor Prize status as a breeding stallion as many of his offspring have earned First Prize status.

On his dam's side, RuPaul's granddam, Thra fra Holum, is the dam of Thoka fra Holum. Thoka in turn is the dam of the stallion Thoralfur fra Prestbae - who in 2017 earned an evaluation score of 8.94 to become the highest evaluated Icelandic horse in history.  RuPaul has some very interesting bloodlines indeed!

We're excited for Ru's future & will be sharing updates about him as he matures.

*** RuPaul is registered as Nafnleysingi from Meant To Be in WorldFengur because the two people (yes, only two people) in Iceland who have the final authority on what names breeders can use for their horses would not allow his name, RuPaul, to be used. Nafnleysingi translates to "no name" & was used so that he would have a "name" for competition, breeding etc, as required.