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News from Meant To Be Farm

After many years of planning and research, in 2017 I finally made the decision to breed for an Icelandic Horse - Appaloosa cross, aka an Ice-aloosa.

I choose my wonderful Icelandic mare, Vanadis from Azur, and bred her to the registered Appaloosa stallion, Silverado Rein. I knew I would be guaranteed Appaloosa characteristics with this stallion and Vanadis is 5 gaited, so she would pass on one copy of the gait gene -so I would have my gaited horse with Appaloosa markings that I always wanted.

After 11 long months, Vanadis had an exceptional colt who possesses the best of both breeds. Look for this stunning colt to have his own page very soon on our website, where photos and videos of him will be available for viewing.

I have also decided to continue breeding for Ice-aloosas, and have added the ApHC mare, Hydaway TS Lyndita to our herd. "Dita" will also have her own page coming very soon!