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Kembingur from Azur
At Stud
2007 grey. FEIF number US2007103698

F: Throstur fra Innri-Skeljabrekku
FF: Kveikur fra Midsitju
FM: Gloa fra Innri-Skeljabrekku
M: Hrydja fra Strandarhofdi
MF: Adam fra Asmundarstodum
MM: Muska fra Strandarhofdi

photo by Cerice Berndsen
Kembingur's stud fee is 700.00 USD. Live foal guarantee.

Kembingur is available for both AI and live cover breeding. Collection/Shipping charges will apply for AI breeding and board fees will apply for live breeding. Please contact us for additional details.

​If you are looking for a stallion with good conformation & gaits, an excellent attitude & height, then you should consider Kembingur.

Kembingur is consistently siring foals with correct conformation, with natural tolting/gaiting ability, and with excellent dispositions. His oldest foals have also shown to have inherited his height, reaching 14 hands by two years of age.

Kembingur is one of the few registered Icelandic stallions in North America that is available for breeding to non-Icelandic mares.

Flugeldur from Meant To Be  2011 gelding
F: Kembingur from Azur
M: Sara fra Svadastodum

Daleidandi from Azur    2010 gelding
F: Kembingur from Azur
M: Fluga fra Blonduosi
Hosvir from Meant To Be
F: Kembingur from Azur
M: Hrydja fra Strandarhofda
Heimdal from Meant To Be
F: Kembingur from Azur
M: Embla from Cytraas
Loki from Meant To Be
F: Kembingur from Azur
M:Snaedis from Bonaventure Farm 
Hnoss from Meant To Be
F: Kemdingur from Azur
M: Vanadis from Azur
Thor from Meant To Be
F: Kembingur from Azur
M: Glod fra Vodmulastodum